About Catsby

Branding and web design studio based in Manchester.

We specialise in problem-solving and in developing effective design solutions. We believe in the power of simplicity and collaboration. We work closely with our clients to learn their business, identify their needs, truths, and values — and we work smartly to deliver a visual solution that covers all aspects.

What We Do
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Packaging
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Social Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Advertising

Catsby makes building brands and websites easier than ever before.



An initial meeting to discuss your project in detail and find clarity around your objectives. This is also a great opportunity for both parties to get each to know each other better and ensure our direction is aligned.


Prior to execution, we research the visual landscape of your industry and discover how competitors present themselves in the market place. We will deliver a return brief summarising our findings and signing off the design direction.

Design Development

Once the scope and direction have been determined, we will explore many design concepts and refine a selected idea for presentation. For the best possible outcome, this step should not be rushed. The Design Development will typically take about two-thirds of the total timeline.


During the presentation, we will walk you through the steps that have ultimately led us to your design solution. We encourage face-to-face presentations in case you may have immediate questions, however, geography is a factor this can be presented via skype.

Refinement & Application

If your concept requires refinements we will work this into the application stage. Once the design has been approved we will roll out the concept across all of the agreed touch-points and come back to you with a revised proof for final sign-off.

Production Management

Once we have met the design deliverables we will work with external contractors to bring your concept to life. We worked with a pool of like-minded and trusted collaborators to deliver the best possible outcome.

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